How to play

  1. If you have access to a keyboard, use the arrow or tab key to move to the next cell to enter your letter into the white square. Once you have successfully solved the word you may use tab key to move to the next word.
  2. If you are on a touch device, simply touch a white square to enter in your letter to the space. If you got the word correct, the word will become bold.

Enjoy and good luck!

Word Bank


  • 6. Touch base
  • 7. Fanbassador
  • 10. Synergy
  • 11. Omnichannel
  • 12. Content is king
  • 13. Innovator
  • 14. Snackable content


  • 1. Big data
  • 2. Growth hacking
  • 3. Learnings
  • 4. Bleeding edge
  • 5. 30000 foot view
  • 8. Word cloud

Looks like you are mobile! These puzzles need width to work so be sure to place your device in landscape mode by rotating it to the left or right.

If you have switched to landscape and are reading this, you will need to use a screen wider than 740px. Currently your screen is px wide.